About Us

On the Spot Detailing was established in 2006 when Michael Arcuri, a volunteer firefighter/paramedic was laid off by the construction company he was working with. Teamed with devotion, work ethic and his wife-Jeni, Mike’s dream was born.

Starting with one trailer he constructed himself, the company has now blossomed into a six man fleet, filled with knowledge, passion and skill. Michael’s ever growing dream continues to thrive and expand into fields such as Aviation Maintenance to Nano Hydrophobic coatings.

About us

What We Do

On the spot detailing is devoted to detail with the utmost professionalism possible. We give our customers the pristine detail they expect, using professional tools and equipment. Our mission is to meet the goals of our customers no matter what the challenge. We come to each job with great integrity, respect and professionalism towards our customers and their belongings. On the spot detailing prides itself in return customers which intern lets us know every job is completed to the highest standard possible. Detailing is our passion not our job!

Our Team

  • Mike & Jeni Arcuri
    Mike & Jeni Arcuri Owners/ Operators

    Mike and Jeni started this company as its two first and only employees. Now leading a team, they have passed their knowledge and passion down to the growing family this business has created.

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