Our Team

  • Dillon
    Dillon Lead Detail Technician

    Dillon joins ur team with extensive knowledge in the detailing business, his professional expertise and work ethic are the fundamentals  to delivering a great detail on any of your toys.

  • Sean
    Sean Detailing Technician

    Sean has many years detailing experience, and it really shows. His appreciation for your project shines through his detailed work!

  • Dawson
    Dawson Detailing Technician

    Dawson’s making great strides as a new detailer in the field, providing excellent customer service, assistance to his team and stellar work, you can expect nothing but hard work out of this one.

  • Dani
    Dani Office Administrator

    If you ever call our office, you can expect to be greeted with the utmost customer service by Dani, she handles all of our scheduling, billing and Shop Matters. Knowledgeable in the processes and techniques of most detailing services she is always ready and willing to assist customers with whatever they may need. So if you ever have a question or concern, she is your girl!

  • Robert
    Robert Detailing Technician

    Robert’s attention to detail, excellent work ethic, and contagious personality provide stellar services in our mobile detailing field.

  • John
    John Lead Specialty Technician

    John’s got an eye for perfection, paint corrections, high speed buffing and Nano Hydrophobic Coatings are where he really found his nitch, his detailing experience coupled with his lasting patience allows him to correct imperfections and bring back a beautiful luster to almost any surface he touches!

  • Logan
    Logan Lead Specialty Technician

    Logan is experienced in all things detailing, from Marine to Aviation, He never ceases to amaze us at his ability to adapt, learn and grow at any project he puts his mind to!

  • Mike & Jeni Arcuri
    Mike & Jeni Arcuri Owners/ Operators

    Mike and Jeni started this company as its two first and only employees. Now leading a team, they have passed their knowledge and passion down to the growing family this business has created.

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