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On The Spot Detailing is devoted to detail with the utmost professionalism possible. We give our customers the pristine detail they expect, using professional tools and equipment. Our mission is to meet the goals of our customers no matter what the challenge. We come to each job with great integrity, respect and professionalism towards our customers and their belongings. On The Spot Detailing prides itself in return customers which intern lets us know every job is completed to the highest standard possible. Detailing is our passion not our job!

Full Auto Detailing

Everything from a Simple Wash to Professional Paint corrections, we are a Full-Service stop. Specially trained in the maintenance of Automobile paint and accessories our team will have your ride in pristine condition.

Recreational Vehicle Detailing

Your home away from home is a serious investment and we have the serious training to not only keep it in the best condition but to correct the issues when it is not, Fiberglass to gelcoat our team specializes in not only the preservation of your RV but the restoration of it as well.

Ceramic Pro Nano-Hydrophobic Coatings

Ceramic Pro is a clear, liquid Nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface and become a rigid, super-structure of Nano-glass. Protecting the surface it is applied to indefinitely. Ceramic Pro was designed as an industrial, multi-functional, strong and durable shield, resistant to solvents. Warrantied packages such as Eighteen months, two years, 3 years and five years are available. Our relationship with Ceramic pro has only grown and we pride ourselves on its added protection to any of your toys.

Marine Vessel Detailing

Your Boat is subject to harsh elements here in Florida, from the water condition to harmful UV rays, Oxidation can be the silent killer. Trained in High Speed Buffing and Bright work we can combat those harsh contaminants and keep your boat water ready all year round. Providing services like simple wash to fouling paint restoration our Marine Vessel techs come equipped to solve any problem.

Aviation Detailing

As registered Government Contractors, we take Aviation maintenance seriously. Only our most trained and specifically skilled techs obtain these projects. Skilled in the restoration of exterior surfaces and acrylic windows we can keep your wings gleaming.

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